Finally,Focus on closing more deals. Say goodbye to tedious tasks that wear you down daily!

Delivered by our Rockstar Team for One Flat Fee without ANY Upsells, Hourly Billing or Long Term Contracts Guaranteed.


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Focus on closing more deals.
Say goodbye to tedious tasks that wear you down daily!

Delivered by our Rockstar Team for One Flat Fee without ANY Upsells, Hourly Billing or Long Term Contracts Guaranteed! – PLUS Get 2 WEEKS FREE if you sign up today!

We have great friends and clients

Professional industry-trained
virtual real estate assistants

Mortgage | Insurance | Real Estate | Property Management

BREAK FREE from these common realtor roadblocks

The stress of trying to do 5000 things at once... get that headspace and FREE TIME back! So you can CLOSE deals!

The headaches that come with recruitment, ads to find the right candidate, costs of training, benefits, and insurance etc.

Expensive office space, plus supplies, utilities, and maintenance.

What Our Clients Say

Our Team

Our Team

At, we provide you with trusted, industry-trained real estate virtual assistants who will help you double your production, gain free time, and focus on cash-producing moves.

Never freelancers, never outsourced.

Managed by veteran virtual team managers, trusted by the top realtors in US.

Have a stressful to do list?
Turn that into a DONE list!

Ask us how you can get up to 40 extra hours a week. Less stress, more deals closed.
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Below are some common questions & concerns about Real Estate Assistant

What are your current real estate virtual assistant service offerings?
$1995 – Full time GVA/ ISA


GVA – General Virtual Assistant
ISA – Inside Sales Assistant


What kinds of virtual assistants do you have?
There are two kinds of real estate virtual assistants: the GVAs and ISAs.

A GVA (General Virtual Assistant) is a generalist, executive assistant, trained to do administrative tasks for the realtor. This covers email management, scheduling, reception, bookkeeping, CRM Management, and transaction coordination. There will be no front-facing calls or representation beyond written coordination.

An ISA (Inside Sales Assistant) is dedicated to prospecting, appointment setting, and other voice-related tasks. Tracking can also be done through whatever CRM you use.
What tasks can my Virtual Real Estate Assistant help with?
Your industry trained virtual assistant can help you with just about anything that does not require a physical presence. Check previous question for the two available positions to hire.
What are the advantages of a Virtual Real Estate Assistant?
The best thing about hiring an Industry Trained Virtual Assistant is that you get instant support of a highly skilled Industry Trained  individual, but only when you need the services.

Try comparing the costs of hiring someone on staff versus hiring a Virtual Assistant. It’s almost double, sometimes more!

Using a Virtual Assistant cuts down on your overhead as well as any employee benefits, taxes, and insurance you would normally be responsible for. There is no wasted office space or downtime; you pay only for the time we spend working on your project or tasks.
How do we communicate?

We primarily use email, telephone, SMS Text etc. All communications are stored in our secure system for accountability purposes no matter if its email, phone, text etc. We will do our best to accommodate your business and your preferred style of communication when delegating tasks.

Which package is right for me?
You can find the list of tasks offered in each package HERE. Or you can contact or awesome executive team at +1 725-888-8030 to discuss your specific needs.
How does the billing cycle work?

You are billed on the day that you sign up and then billed again every 30 days thereafter. For example, if you sign up on August 22, you will next be billed for your plan on September 22

Your card will be automatically charged each month unless you cancel your plan by phone.

Can My Industry Trained Virtual Assistant Make Outbound Calls?

Absolutely they can! For Ex: If you provide a list of attendees from a showing. Your Virtual Assistant will call every single attendee and get feedback from them and send you a full detailed report via email.

Will I get the same Industry Trained Virtual Assistant everytime?

YES! Our Virtual Assistants are dedicated. Which means that you will have the same assistant all of the time. They will know you better than you know yourself. They will know your habits, how you work perhaps even your favorite lunch!

Will my Virtual Assistant be outsourced? Where are they located?

Your Virtual Assistant will NEVER be outsourced or come from a third party. They have an extensive U.S. based management team in Las Vegas, NV. Our office in Manila, Philippines is where your Virtual Assistant is located. Each assistant goes through a series of rigorous training processes developed by a team of HIGHLY producing Realtors.

What are your Virtual Assistants qualifications?
Our Virtual Assistants are specialists in Real Estate. They are not generalists or jack of all trades as with most VA offerings. Each Virtual Assistant goes through several weeks of rigorous training. Our training courses are designed by a team of HIGHLY producing Realtors with scores of prestigious awards under their belts.
Are Real Estate Virtual Assistants employees or freelancers?

Every one of our Virtual Real Estate Assistants are full time employees in our office.

We never freelance or outsource our Virtual Assistants. Everything is in house and overseen by our exceptional management team in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Not ready to book a call?

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