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Advertising Your Home: Sell Your House in less than 100 days

Have you ever wondered why that beautiful and well-kept house at the corner is still up for sale after almost six months? You’ve been there, asked around (no murders there), found the price reasonable, and yet … they have not received an offer to sell. You look around, and you notice nothing.


A house, no matter how beautiful or how ideal it is, will definitely not sell if it is not properly advertised. If you are selling your home through hired Real Estate Assistant, the Agency will handle most (if not all) of the advertising and marketing needed to sell your home. If you are doing everything by yourself, you have to make sure that no stone is left unturned. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend an entire fortune on advertising alone; you just have to know which advertising methods will bring the maximum media mileage for your property at a cost that is agreeable to you.


The easiest and most economical way of advertising your house is to put up a “For Sale” sign in your yard and putting up posters in areas that generate a high volume of foot traffic (supermarkets, post office, etc). However, even if you put several posters in several key places, you will most likely, not reach the right market. Mind you, there is a chance that you will, but it will be very small.


Putting up an online ad is another fast, easy and fairly economical way of marketing your home. For a small amount, your home and some photos can be uploaded onto the World Wide Web for a specific amount of time for everyone to see. Unfortunately, since it is available on the net, you are most likely to attract a wide range of people. It may take time before you can sift through all the inquiries your ad has generated.


Placing an advertisement in a newspaper or a magazine that specifically dedicated to homes may be old fashioned, but it still is still one of the most effective ways of marketing your home. You have the option of putting a photo and you can lure buyers in by writing an interesting description about your home its features and amenities.


You are not limited to just one form of advertising method. You can use just one kind, or all three. It really depends on you and your budget. In addition to the marketing effort, you should also prepare a Fact Sheet about your home. The fact sheet should contain all the pertinent details about your home. Don’t just put the number of rooms and toilets in your abode; make sure that you include the year the home was built and the year when the last renovation was made.


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