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Building a Real Estate Team has been building a real estate mortgage team that works together well and functions efficiently is one of the best tools that you can provide to creating a successful real estate or mortgage company.  Before you begin building a real estate mortgage team, make sure you know all the key players. 1. Originator. 2. Price and place. 3. Processor. 4. Banking products. Each of these key players must be able to work together, having the same end in mind in order to be successful.  Building a real estate mortgage team can be mutually beneficial to the consumer and to the real estate agent or loan agent. Once you’ve begun building a real estate mortgage team, keep in mind the goals of that team and the information necessary to keep that team running at peak efficiency.  Make sure that you know the changing mortgage guidelines. One of the biggest complaints that consumers have about patronage of real estate and loan combinations is that the real estate agents sometimes seem to be in over their head when it comes to mortgage lending. Keeping your real estate agents in the know when it comes to factors like changing mortgage guidelines, FHA loans, FHA marketing ideas, or federal regulations regarding mortgage interest and processing can go a long way to instilling confidence in the consumer.  Building a real estate mortgage team is only the beginning of the service that you provide to your customer. Keep your team up to date and educated on the local marketing trends as well as the national market trends. And speaking of local marketing trends, a lot of big Real Estate companies hire Virtual Real Estate Assistants to do the most tedious clerical tasks for their realtors so they can focus more on finding prospects. The more education and specialized knowledge in the fields of real estate and mortgage lending that you have, the more appealing your company will seem to your target audience.  Remember when building a real estate mortgage team that in order to retain your customer base, the customer must feel like your real estate mortgage team has their best interest in mind. Providing the highest quality service can go a long way to establishing good customer relations which can lead to referrals and a long-term client base or repeat customers.

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