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California Real Estate

The process for purchasing a home in California is different from the procedures that are used in other states. Unlike the East Coast, attorneys are not used to completing the sale of real estate. Instead, an escrow is used. Once you have located a home you want to buy, you will begin hearing people talk about the escrow. In California, there are no closing meetings. It is not common for sellers and buyers to meet each other on a regular basis. If you want to buy a home in California, you will want to make sure you have a loan before you begin the process of looking for a home.


All real estate agents in California must be licensed to buy or sell real estate. Every agent you deal with should either have a Salespeople or Brokers license. Brokers are allowed to receive payment for the sale of a property, while salespersons must work under the broker. Multiple brokers are allowed to work together, and are called sales agents. Sales agents must answer to a Broker of Record, and this is the person who will supervise them. There are three agencies that will be found in California, and these are dual-agencies, buyer’s agencies, and sub-agencies. 


Before you decide to get a loan or broker, you will first want to find the right home in the best possible neighborhood. You will also want to consult an agent to find out what type of home is best for your income level. The agent will want to know what home you’re interested in. You should always be ready to buy a home when you visit the agent. If you are truly ready, you will be given a better deal, because agents will often have to deal with people who are just “looking,” and are not committed to making a purchase. Once the agent knows what type of home you want, they will begin driving you around to show you the different homes that are available. In some cases, a realtor’s Real Estate Assistant does all the appointment setting and follow ups.


The agent will not want to drive you around until after they’ve interviewed you. As the buyer, you will want to make sure the agent is experienced. When you deal with agents in California, they should put you in the loan qualification process as soon as possible.  By getting approved for a loan, you will be placed in a powerful position where you can negotiate. Once you have found the home you want, you will want to make an offer to the agent. In California, the offer should always be made in writing. The paper that it should be written on is named the Deposit Receipt.


You will want to place all the information about your offer on the Deposit Receipt. The agent will help by providing you a list of homes that are much like the one you’re interested in. When an offer is made, it is also customary to write a check which is about 3% of the offer that you are making for the home.

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