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Before you go and purchase a house or real estate in Des Moines, you should know a little bit about the area.  It was founded in 1832 based on a war fort. Many people have different translations for the name, but all agree that the name refers to the local river. The area began as mostly Indians and then through many steps became the Capital of Iowa. Through most of its existence, the city has been known to change, but still keep the “old ways” that make the area still feel much like it first began. A mix of history with the modern world creates a fascinating town that you will find very comfortable and welcoming to live in. Find a dream home in Des Moines!


What type of history is involved in the Des Moines area? During the early 1900’s, the city began to increasingly develop because of the amount of permanent roads that were being laid and also the new health law’s and from the many debates that there going on, like women’s suffrage. During WWI, the city began to disappear.  Camp Dodge was established and over 100,000 Iowans had to be trained for the war. It took the town years to recover from all the men and jobs that were lost from the area. After WWII the city became a major insurance center. Since the war ended, Des Moines has grown so much each year with all the added businesses that are located in the area.


Today there are more than 200,000 residents of Des Moines and it is a major center for government, education, business, culture, and the arts.  Des Moines is still the third largest insurance center in the world with nearly 60 different companies. Des Moines is convenient to live in because of the sky walk system.  You are able to walk from your parking garage to your place of business and never have a raindrop fall upon your head. The fun and excitement of living in Des Moines is not going to stop there. You can find nature not far, and yet, the best shopping malls and retail outlets can be found there as well. 


You shouldn’t be surprised by all the tourist attractions and activities that are offered in Des Moines. Among the attractions are many art centers, art festivals, Adventure land amusement park, Blank Park Zoo, Botanical center, civic center, soccer leagues, theatres, and museums. There is plenty to do in Des Moines that is sure to please everyone in your family.  Des Moines offers a little bit for everyone. Don’t forget the nightlife and all the clubs and bars that are in the city. It is one of the best places in Iowa to go for a drink. Singles meeting singles in the clubs of Des Moines is another thing you can look forward to.


If you are planning on relocating or purchasing real estate in the Des Moines area, you will want to locate a Des Moines realty business. By working with a local realtor or with their real estate virtual assistant, you will be able to view the new Des Moines homes or find a nice duplex for sale in Des Moines, Iowa.  There are plenty of houses and apartments that you can rent or own.  Since it is a city that can become very expensive, as in property taxes and other things, you may only be able to rent a Des Moines apartment or rent a piece of real estate located in Des Moines. You can find all types of houses that will become your home. From the five bedrooms to the small one-bedroom homes and apartments, you are sure to find a home that will fit your budget and your family. 


 However, the area has a lot to offer as for activities and after-work life. You may want to relocate to the city of Des Moines because it is closer to life. When it comes to buying a new home in Des Moines or when you are buying any home, you must think of it as the most important investment of your life. Your family will feel safe and secure in this area. The Des Moines area is one that involves community life, a closeness that you just don’t in other cities. The schools are high-tech while involving children in sports and other activities that will keep them on the move. 


You are not choosing just a place to live, but a place where you will raise your children.  Another reason why you need to give your housing selection a great deal of thinking time is that you will have to invest a large portion of your savings or you will have to commit to a long-term loan.  It can be an overwhelming process, but the fact that you have chosen Des Moines will make your decision easier, because it is such a great area to raise a family or settle down with a significant partner. Your family will love it here, and they will even want to stay and raise their families as well.


If you have located Des Moines realty and are looking for a house to rent in the Des Moines area or are thinking about purchasing a new Des Moines home, you will want to think about the benefits of owning your own home.  Instead of renting, you may want to think about making the commitment and buying. The advantage to buying over renting is the fact that your home is the best investment you will ever make. Although some people start off in a small home and then relocate to another so that they can make room for their children, it is still a place to make memories with your partner. Think about the income tax savings if you were to buy a new Des Moines home. Another thing is that you will have a stable monthly housing cost.  


Meaning, because of arrangements made at the bank, you will know exactly what your house payment will be every month. You won’t have to worry about rent inflation. If you were to purchase a duplex for sale in Des Moines, Iowa, you know your monthly payments to the bank, but you can also rent out the other half and make you monthly payments from rent.  Doesn’t that sound so great!? The federal banks located in Des Moines are just waiting to give out some home loans so that they can contribute to the growth of the city. Another advantage to buying a Des Moines home instead of renting is the fact that you have more freedom with expression. You can decorate your house however you want it or even remodel and have no one to ask for permission but yourself. Also, you have more space in general.  


If buying is still not on your agenda, you should ask a realtor to show you some of the duplexes for sale in Des Moines Iowa and also some Des Moines apartments.  Renting isn’t that bad if you don’t plan on living in space for long-term. As a young adult, renting maybe best for you. Once you have decided on your apartment or rental in the Des Moines area, contact your realtor or the owner and make a contract with them immediately. Rentals or any type of real estate doesn’t last long on the market in Des Moines.


After you have moved and settled, you can enjoy all the great benefits of the city.



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