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Why Would Anyone Want To Buy A Luxury Home In Branson, Missouri?

For years, many people from the East or West Coast snickered when Branson, Missouri was brought into a conversation. They seemed to look down their noses at the Midwestern people flocking to beautiful Branson to camp out, stay in their RV, fish, boat, and enjoy down-home music and variety shows. Somehow the honesty and simplicity of the people in the Midwest were mistaken for stupidity and lack of sophistication. How could the historical culture of the Ozark Mountain area be entertaining? The big city critics just didn’t get it. The working man’s vacation dream was, and is, to be able to take their family where it’s still wholesome and full of traditional values. Branson represents the America that the working family has tried to hold on to.


Guess who’s laughing now? This vacation spot, nestled in the inspiring Ozark Mountains is host to over 7 million people a year. It offers the best of both worlds. Visitors come to enjoy an 1880’s-style theme park called Silver Dollar City, with its all-American venue and a newer addition with thrilling rides. Many people come for the entertaining live shows in at least 45 theaters… With more seats than Broadway. This Tri-Lakes area (Table Rock Lake, Taneycomo, Bull Shoals) bestows visitors and residents with gifts of nature, including great fishing, camping, boating, swimming, water skiing, hiking, beautiful golf courses, caves, bald eagle watching, hunting, cruises, a well-known winery, and more. The Sunday Christian services are usually packed. This once small town is attracting a more and more sophisticated following. Branson has a $400 million, 95-acre, lakefront complex with a huge convention center and top-notch shops. There’s a new 141-acre development which will include more shops and restaurants over the next four years. The first phase will cost $33 million with 300,000 square feet of space available for lease. Over the next 10 years, this will expand to 1-million square feet. The City of Branson’s new 42-acre state-of-the-art sports and recreation complex is a 44,000 square foot center featuring two gymnasiums, a fitness center, indoor track, locker rooms, community rooms, game room, and a concession area. It is easy to continue to list the growth of Branson, but, you get the picture. Branson is happening!


There’s a huge variety of nightly rental options. Stay in a cabin, in your RV, check into a motel/hotel, or rent a comfortable home-style villa, condo, or lodge. For those that do not want to leave this gorgeous resort town, real estate offerings include dream-like luxury living. Some are staying to join in the growing business community. Others consider Branson to be a retirement destination where leisure time offers an array of delightful activities. Country western and other types of popular stars have made their home in Branson and there are plenty of million-dollar homes. However, generally speaking, housing prices are very reasonable, especially when compared to other entertainment, resort communities. An average single-family home costs around $125,000. Luxury homes come in a wide range of prices. Neighborhoods are pristine, schools are excellent, crime is low, and there’s consistent upward growth for real estate investment. The area residents seem to be on an unending vacation. There is a fantastic lifestyle and innumerable opportunities in Branson. Many maturing Baby Boomers are seizing the chance to invest, set up a business, or retire.


Branson has always represented American patriotism with God still in the picture. That’s what makes Branson the kind of place so many Americans want to visit and live. Casinos have been voted out of Branson because most residents stand firm in the belief that working for your money and keeping a wholesome atmosphere is everything. Got a passel of kids? Bring ‘em on. But, can the ideals set forth in the original Branson be retained for future homeowners? Let’s just say that everyone heading to Branson to live is banking on it.


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