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Resale Value On Homes – Never Judge The book By The Cover

There are a great many factors that have to be addressed when it comes down to the resale value of the property. Before making any hasty decisions – do your homework because you can never judge the book by the cover or hire A Real Estate Virtual Assistant and Agent.


Picturesque scenery or industrial surroundings are important matters that can affect the resale value of your home. When buying or selling a house remember to have these issues linger at the back of your mind. Buying a home in fabulous proximities like near to the coast can up the dividends beyond expectations – well who wouldn`t want to wake to the call of the ocean waves? 


Not every buyer considers pound or dollar value on a view so therefore leaving you in a catch 22 situation – go with your own instincts. Finding a buyer for your home could take longer than anticipated with or without views out views. In some cases, the resale value on house prices has been lowered for a quick sale due to the location or neighbourhood.


In recent years – attention from potential buyers is drawn more towards the bricks and mortar side of things, but the land is important too. Homes that hold good resale value should sit on land that is as level as possible. If the property is in a typical neighbourhood then the land should be square – not odd or unevenly shaped. Size of the backyards are normally found to be a lot smaller in modern homes than in properties built in the days gone by,  however, do not lose faith you can still find a decent sized front and back courtyard in smaller properties. 


Over-landscaped property is a no go. You would normally expect to pay a premium for this of which you may struggle to claim back when you sell. Best resale values come with premises that are moderately landscaped or under-landscaped. If gardening is your forte then add your own shrubbery bushes and trees. 

Houses in residential areas will vary in size.  If resale value is an important issue then opt away from buying the largest building in that particular part of the town or village. When determining market value the homes directly aside to yours can hamper a buyers decision so if you buy a small or medium house in that location the larger homes can help pull up your value. 


Purchasing property in a more prestigious neighbourhood may provide more financial rewards.

Stick to buying a property in the size of three to four bedrooms which are the most popular among first-time homebuyers. When it comes to the reselling deal you have more chance of attracting offers because of the size. Look out for his and her bathrooms – in other words, two washrooms. Walk-in spacious closets are extremely desirable in the master bedroom. 


Always check out closet space – more space more money in your pocket when you come to selling. Resale Value will increase with a joining garage or conservatory

Have the utility/laundry room located somewhere convenient on the ground floor of the house. Kitchens are about a person`s personal preference but the bigger the better. The serving of meals made easy – is to look for dining and eating places that are adjacent to the cooking area.


Look for easy access to the back yard from the kitchen if you like to entertain in the garden with barbecues. Swimming pools nowadays can deflate the resale price due to children and the danger risks. Children should never be left unattended by water. Common sense will help you decide on what priorities come first to help hold the homes resale value.


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