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The All Important Real Estate Document

Selling or purchasing a piece of real estate, be it a house, condominium, or apartment is probably one of the most important financial transactions a person will conduct in his lifetime. This single purchase is bound to affect the lifestyles of several people for years to come.


Due to the long-term effect, a single real estate transaction may have on the buyer and the seller, it is important that all the details pertaining to this transaction be formalized. It is not enough that the dimensions of the land, the purchase price, and equipment included in the sale are listed down; the individual obligations of both the seller and the buyer should be itemized as well. All these details should be found in just one document, the Real Estate Sales Agreement.


Legally, a real estate sales agreement is a contract between both the buyer and the seller. This document stipulates all the conditions of the sale, from the technical details of the property to the chattels that will be thrown in. The agreed-upon purchase price should be stated (in words and numerical figures), as well the deposit (earnest money) given, down payment, and final remittance. Exact details on how and when the monies will change hands should also be indicated in this document. The real estate sales agreement is considered valid once both parties affix their respective signatures and, should there be a need to include any changes, these should be attached to the main document, as an addendum. If you have any concerns or clarifications regarding the RE Sales Agreement, you can ask your realtor or their real estate virtual assistant for some help and guidance.


Normally, real estate sales agreements are formulated by real estate agents and/or lawyers. However, a lot of home sellers and home buyers nowadays opt to compose the sales agreements on their own. There are various real estate-related websites where one can view, download and even customize all kinds of forms, including the immensely important real estate sales agreement, needed to complete and legalize any real estate transaction.


Online real estate forms can be purchased and downloaded by piece (as needed) or by bulk, the option really depends on the user, and payment is also done online, as these sites accept most major credit cards. Once the forms have been downloaded, the contents can be modified and edited to suit and conform to the specific requirements of the user. 


In terms of content and format, all the forms found on these real estate websites, most especially the real estate sales agreement, are considered legal and are recognized by local, state, and federal agencies. However, even though the developers took great pains to verify the accuracy of their forms, it is still recommended that before the final copy is signed, a rough draft be sent to a lawyer or a real estate agent for their review. Since the real estate sales agreement is probably the most important of all real estate documents; it is of utmost importance that all the technical information stated is accurate and that all the necessary conditions and clauses, particularly the terms of payment and possible penalties for non-payment are also clearly outlined.



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