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What Do I Look For In A Home I’m Buying Now, If I Want To Resell It Later?

That’s a good question! You want to purchase a home that will give you a good resell value later on.  To do this, look at the type of home you’re planning to purchase that may be attractive to future buyers.  When you’re looking to purchase a home, check to see if some or all of these features are offered:


  1. Location of the home.  Is the home located in a good neighborhood that is close to schools, stores, freeways, etc…


  1. Check the crime rate for the area you’re thinking about purchasing in.  What are the crime rate statistics? Is the neighborhood safe?


  1. Is there anticipated growth for the areas such as new schools, stores, future planned homes, etc…  How will this affect you in the future?


  1. Try to make sure the square footage of your home is at least 1200, in order to increase the likelihood of being able to resell.


  1. Look for homes that have at least three bedrooms as part of your prospective home purchase.  This will be helpful in reselling your home in the future.


  1. You may want to look at whether or not the home should have one or two stories.  Most people purchasing homes are interested in two stories. However, the elderly or individuals with certain disabilities may want to purchase a home that is a single story.


  1. If the home you’re thinking about purchasing has a pool, keep in mind this may limit the number of prospective buyers if you decide to sell your home.  Pools don’t necessarily add much value to the home and can be expensive to maintain!


  1. You may want to consider having a garage that can accommodate a minimum of two cars.  This is usually an attractive and expected feature for buyers.


  1. The number of bathrooms is also important.  Getting a home with a minimum of two bathrooms is a must when purchasing a home for future resell.


  1. Make sure the home you’re considering has a fireplace, air conditioning, and heating system.


When you purchase a home, just think of being able to get a good return on your investment if you had to resell.  In most cases at a bare minimum, you want to get the money you have invested in your home out of it if you had to sell for some reason.  It’s even better if you can make a profit on your sale, isn’t it? I thought so, just be wise when you’re purchasing your home, it’s an investment in your future!


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