Top 15 Ways The Real Estate Industry Uses Virtual Assistants

Depending on your needs, a real estate virtual assistant can do virtually everything necessary to support you and your administrative needs and marketing efforts.

Virtual office assistants work best as an extension of you. In other words, if you are using a marketing method or target market that works well for you, it’s best to use your assistant to duplicate those efforts in those markets. Here are our top 15 ways you can utilize a real estate virtual assistant:

  1. Research for potential sellers via online newspapers, online courthouse records, MLS listings, FSBO listings
  2. Manage transactions
  3. Compile information for Comparative Marketing Analysis’ (CMA’s) for potential and new clients.
  4. Screen sellers for motivation
  5. Upload pictures and listings to MLS or other online resource
  6. Arrange home showings
  7. Process mailings to buyers and sellers
  8. Perform outbound telemarketing calls seeking clients/sellers/buyers
  9. Manage your email campaigns
  10. Enter leads into your CRM (contact relationship management) program. This may be Top Producer, ACT!, or another CRM program.
  11. Research to locate absentee owners, or people who’ve skipped out on their rent
  12. Set/cancel appointments
  13. Work with Excel spreadsheets to organize leads and other data
  14. Work with MS Word to create mail merges and process mailings
  15. Answer and return phone calls

Real estate virtual assistants are here to stay and growing in popularity. Over the next couple of years you can expect your conversations with regards to real estate virtual assistants to go from “What is a real estate virtual assistant and what does a real estate virtual assistant do?” to that of “Who provides your real estate virtual assistant services?”

Implementing the use of a real estate virtual assistant, especially through a virtual staffing agency is a low-cost, low-risk undertaking. If the real estate virtual assistant doesn’t work out, you simply request another, perhaps for a better fit. What’s more, coupling the use of a real estate virtual assistant (or several assistants) with your already up-and-coming business can catapult your income and success to the next level and beyond.

Will your business be on the forefront of this cost-saving phenomenon of efficiency?

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